The process

The basic for my work is the singular moment ,where man meets material and purpose stirs the soul into expression. A picture can entail a pattern that haunts me, and voyager into the picture in a sublime way. The picture should have an element of story in it. To paint has a double meaning to me, of creating and destruction of words and pictures of fantasy and strategy.

I create an ongoing process of stories which I form into picture quality. I get my inspiration from early glance at the fjord or a dark night in Singapore.

As a painter, Tove Sigrun Hellerud har developed her own abstract expressionism. She combines in her painting, different techniques to a personal and unique language. Tove Sigrun scans the world with sensitive eyes, and creates from this a dynamic expression and a way which is fascinating to pursue. She has an impressive dynamism, creativity and personality which expression is unique as a painter, where paintings continuously leads you on in a world of pictures and space.

Eva Persson